Ausable Chasm
Alice Falls
Ausable Chasm
Ausable River
Ausable River near Whiteface Inn
Column Rock
Coming through the flume
Elephant's Head and Gardens of Allah
Jacob's Ladder
Rainbow Falls
Table Rock
U. S. Highway Bridge, Route 9
View from Table Rock

Big Moose Lake
Seventh Lake House, Big Moose Lake

Blue Mountain Lake
Bridge at outlet of Blue Mountain Lake
Blue Mountain Lake from the store porch
Outlet of Blue Mountain Lake
Owl's Head Mountain from highway

Centerville Station
The last load

Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake

Bouquet River
Hurricane Mountain
State Highway at Split Rock Falls

Corinth, N. Y.
Upper Hudson River, Corinth, N.Y.
Lake Efnor, Hunt Lake, Jenny Lake
Camp Wamego, Efnor Lake
Greetings from Hunt Lake
Greetings from Jenny Lake
Greetings from Lake Efnor

Fourth Lake
Beaver dam near Fourth Lake
Cedar and Dollar Islands
Fourth Lake
Fourth Lake; Fulton Chain
Fourth Lake from Becker's Lookout
View of Hotel Mohawk
View of Rocky Mountain and Fourth Lake
The Water Witch, Fourth Lake

Glens Falls
Coopers Cave
First Baptist Church
Ski West Mountain

Autumn 1916
Hadley Parabolic Bridge
Stewart's Bridge

Lake George
Among the Harbor Islands
Approaching picturesqe Lake George
Approaching the Sagamore Dock
Battle Monument
Lake from the piazza, Fort William Henry Hotel
North from the Fort William Henry Hotel
North from Hulett's
Outlook at Roger's Rock
Shore path at Hulett's
Tea Island
Under the birches

Lake Placid
Lake Placid
Lake Placid and islands
Public bathing beach, Lake Placid

Raquette Lake
Raquette Lake
Blue Mountain from the 'Antlers', Racquette Lake

Lower Saranac Lake
National vaudeville artist's home
Upper Saranac Lake from boat house

Saratoga Springs
Gardens at Yaddo
Congress Park
Congressional Church
Grand Union Hotel
Love Lake
Saratoga Lake
Sunset, Saratoga Lake
The Stone Tower

Osborne Inn

Enjoying winter
Skiing, Adirondacks

Star Lake
Star Lake

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